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by Concede

Indoctrinate 01:26
Born into a system of pure regression and backward beliefs Forced to follow the flock, the blind lead the blind to pure ignorance Relax and drink from the cup Trust all your false gods, prophets; the construct of mentally ill Spread your influence wide, just like a cancer, you are the disease Sit back, allow you to die, remove yourself from the earth one at a time Indoctrinate Follow the faith Secure your fate Indoctrinate
I swallowed the sun into my lungs The black soot eroded the lining No fear, no guidance Forever showing resistence The sun burns my insides Crushed, filled with lies
Brainwash 00:32
They want you to obey So swallow all your pills And they will let you know That everything is fine Nothing is the matter Continue with your day Listen to what they tell you Everyone else tell lies No one out there is dying None of us are poor Dont you ever worry It doesn't concern you We won't run out of oil There isnt any war This will now conclude Your regular broadcast day
No crown, no kings no gods No crown, no kings no gods Can you feel the suffering? ...upon the agony Manipulated into complete devotion Complete devotion
You Ruin Me 01:08
You ruin me, loss of breath Coward hearts know no end A frail husk forced to defend Born to rot again A thousand nails pushed into my skin Watch the blood drip into a fountain Ripples dont take the edge out of it Careless acts out of sweet revenge Rot again No end Rot again
Proselytize 01:02
The pyre You worship will turn on us all Your weakness will show its true form Poisonous zealots Cancerous believer Manifest into a vile display Installed into the system and social array Toxic admirer Malodorous scum Proselytize
Misgiven 01:05
Conditioned to wait it out They've bled til they drop There's no life for them here You control them out of fear High pitched screeches of pain Is this what you want to gain? Into the houses like cattle Faint sounds of the death rattle
No Certainty 01:24
Hatred flows within the veins How are they supposed to trust again? Cruelly punished, abysmal woe They will never reap what they sow Cut the strings from all their puppets Let the broken marrionettes dance Strip them of all their power Leave them all to fall to the ground The sky burns red before it fades to black You can hear the footsteps marching in, a swift attack Hatred flows within the veins How are they supposed to trust again?
Influence 01:23
They control the modern world Manipulate the common man We sit back and allow them to Fuel ourselves into another war Point to blame at the vulnerable Influencing exploitation Installed into government They force themselves inside your head Wealth has become a weaponised tool Used in the purchase of governing law Their veins are pumping crude oil Infecting with sickness That poisons the world Murder the beurocracy Burn the corporation to the ground Imprisoned through monotony Reinstate our own autonomy
Baited 01:46
The bringer of resent and contempt Their faces read every shade of death Return them to the time of grief Shackled whilst upon their knees We will never trust again Infected lies inside their head They bring false truth Corruption filled democracy Living in complacency In the rat race they are forced to compete As their broken bodies litter the street You have taken away all of their strength As the greedy accrue their own wealth Coorperate wealth builds Corruption filled democracy Living in complacency The bringer of resent and contempt Their faces read every shade of death
Deliverer 01:44
Pump the earth with filth and rot Betray the calls of action Forced by those opposed your horrific agenda You overlook the screams of the innocent The cycle of greed rewards the wrecker of nature Forcing a burden that you created Upon the shattered, broken and disscontent Shattered and broken, they march with discontent Your failure to pass action is the root of their hate Violence becomes the voice of reason They will make you choke on your sins As a thousand swollen hands are unable to clinch The love and desire for the rest of eternity
Feeding from the bottom A parasitic mite Pure filth induldging Upon the scrap and dirt Scrape the bottom of the barrel Your existence is purely the bane of life As you feed Blissfully ignorant You arent worth the time You are just a waste of air Bottom feeder You wretched cowards of society You prey upon the weak Only personal gain you seek Mouth breather You inconsiderate siphon Sap away let it rot Leave it completely lifeless
Conditioned 01:01
Total abuse of their power Hiding behind a facade Creating their own god complex A pure narcissistic dream Disregard to all others Manipulated to their favour Simple minds create a world Illusion of self importance None of it is even real Understand that nothing matters It's is all inside your head A product of existential dread No one cares that you exist Born to bread consume and die Abuse Facade Complex Narcissitic dream Disregard Manipulate Intoxicated by their virtue Distortion of reality
Plagued 01:35
A cry out for help, lost in the darkness Ignored as it echoes down these empty hallways Trapped in iron bars a cage for the damaged Snatched by the wicked and one with the ashes Born with no soul so you pray on the weak Fractured bones hold strong never giving into the torment That plagues the air of their graves The air of their graves A cage for the damaged and you are the one left out to suffer
We are all the same decaying, organic matter The roots won't grow, the stars will burn out Hang your head, trapped by the world We are all the same decaying, organic matter Filtered through dirt, you're one with the earth Zero purpose, a body left lifeless Death is in sight, a luckless life Meaningless, a frail carcass


released June 23, 2020


all rights reserved



Concede Perth, Australia

The chaotic fueled rage that is Concede is a non stop assault of pure disdain for the corruption of humanity. Consisting of members Guitarist Jay Huxtable, Vocalist Peter Emms, Bassist Tom Waterhouse and Drummer Matt Unkovich. Concede is certain to leave you with a replenished disgust for the human race and your own complicity as a member thereof. ... more

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